The following video and guidelines will help with the efficient running of your clippers and prolong their life and of course the life of your clipper blades....

  • Firstly ensure your animal is clean, grease free and dry before you start clipping.
  • Check that your blades are sharp and are not damaged in any way.
  • Ensure that the tension on your clippers is set correctly - see manufacturer's instructions if you are unsure.
  • Whilst clipping, use a blade oil on a regular basis - at least every 10 minutes, applying it to your blades and the holes in your clipper head.
  • Keep the air filter free of hair. 
  • When you are not clipping, do not leave your clippers running. 
  • When you have finished clipping, switch off your clippers and unplug from the mains or disconnect from the battery pack and remove the blades. 
  • Clean your clippers with the clipper brush supplied or a small soft brush.
  • Clean your blades and the cavity in the clipper head. 
  • Remove the air filters and remove hair. Replace air filters.
  • Store your clippers in their case.
  • Generally speaking an annual service is recommended by most clipper manufacturers but obviously this depends on the workload of your clippers.